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The State Chamber Political Action Committee announces primary endorsements

Oklahoma City (June 2, 2022) – The State Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) announced its endorsements for candidates running in the primary election for various state House and Senate seats.

“The Oklahoma Legislature, which sets the framework and policies affecting how we live and do business, is filled with Oklahomans with various backgrounds and experiences. One of the great victories of democracy is the voters get to choose those people,” said Chad Warmington, chair of The State Chamber PAC.

These individuals were selected based on their pro-business stance on issues impacting the economic growth and prosperity of the state.

“To create and maintain a strong environment for business, The State Chamber takes a close look at the candidates running for office in our state. Their decisions help or harm millions of people, so the stakes are high,” Warmington added.

The list of candidates receiving an endorsement in the primary election from The State Chamber PAC includes:

State Senate

Ally Seifried- SD 2

Hoguen Apperson- SD 4

Tom Wood – SD 4

Bill Coleman- SD 10

Todd Gollihare- SD 12

Hunter Zearley- SD 18

Kristen Thompson- SD 22

Darcy Jech- SD 26

Jamey Mullin- SD 28

Grant Green- SD 28

John Haste- SD 36

Brenda Stanley- SD 42

State House

Eddy Dempsey- HD 1

John Kane- HD 11

Neil Hays- HD 13

Steve White- HD 13

David Smith- HD 18

Dustin Reid- HD 21

Kyle Hilbert- HD 29

Collin Duel- HD 31

Kevin Wallace- HD 32

John Talley- HD 33

Ty Burns- HD 35

Ken Luttrell- HD 37

Cynthia Roe- HD 42

Teresa Sterling- HD 45

Kendra Wesson- HD 46

Tammy Townley- HD 48

Mark McBride- HD 53

Nick Archer- HD 55

Anthony Moore- HD 57

Rhonda Baker- HD 60

Ross Ford- HD 76

Karen Gilbert- HD 79

The 2022 primary election will take place June 28, 2022. To view your voter status or find your polling place, visit OVP (

About The State Chamber

The State Chamber is the guardian of business in Oklahoma. We work on behalf of our members, the Oklahoma business community, to affect change across all three branches of government to create a pro-growth climate statewide. The State Chamber leverages meaningful partnerships, resources and coalitions to strengthen Oklahoma’s economy and support businesses of all sizes. For more information, please visit Home | Oklahoma State Chamber (


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