Get Involved: PAC and Programming


The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s political program is open to members.

  • Presentations from pundits, campaign experts, pollsters, and others on politics and upcoming elections 
  • Quarterly meetings with members of Congress to stay engaged and up to date on D.C. activities 
  • Campaign and election news and analysis​, Voter Guides 
  • Invitations to exclusive candidate interviews, fundraising events & VIP political events 
  • Does not accept donations or PAC contributions 

The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s members only federal PAC supporting pro-business candidates with direct support to candidates.  

  • Personal funds or federal PAC funds accepted 
  • Limits on how much can be donated from individuals and PACs 
  • Exclusive for State Chamber members only 
  • Donors to this group do not get access to 2300 Club by giving to the PAC