2300 Club is The State Chamber’s expanded political programming for you – our politically savvy members. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that Oklahoma has pro-business candidates elected into office. With your participation, The 2300 Club can help us achieve our objective to be the best place for business in the country. Join 2300 Club today!

The State Chamber is committed to making sure Oklahoma is the best place in the country to start, run, and grow a business. To support this mission, we are fully committed to helping pro-business candidates get elected to office. We want pro-growth Oklahomans working under the dome at 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. It’s not enough, these days, to just advocate to the lawmakers in office. We have to help get them elected. The 2300 Club is our best tool to get that done.

Chad WarmingtonPresident & CEO, The State Chamber

Benefits of 2300 Club

  • Presentations from campaign experts, pollsters, and others on upcoming elections
  • Access to unique speakers from the political arena
  • Quarterly virtual meetings with members of congress to stay engaged and up to date on D.C. activities
  • Access to exclusive events focused on politics and elections
  • Connect with elected officials to get updates from the state capitol, Washington D.C. and more
  • Campaign & election news
  • Primary & general election voter guides
  • Post-election analysis
  • In-depth information on candidates running for elected office
  • A seat at the table during the state chamber’s private candidate interviews
  • Invitations to candidate fundraising events and the candidate school reception
  • New Legislator Lookbook


To make Oklahoma the best place for all businesses to thrive. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to ensure the right people are being elected to office. The State Chamber and its members have supported pro-business Oklahomans in the past, but to grow the business community’s footprint, we need more private sector leaders involved, engaged, and at the table. It is critical for the future of Oklahoma.

Your involvement in 2300 Club is step 1. Join us!


State Chamber members at the Advocate Level have access to 2300 Club and all its benefits!