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State Chamber of Oklahoma Weighs in on SQ 820 Vote

OKLAHOMA CITY (Mar. 7, 2023) –The State Chamber applauds the results of the special election for State Question 820, a ballot question seeking to legalize recreational marijuana use in Oklahoma.

“Out of state funders might have had the resources to fill our airwaves, but they can’t speak louder than the voices of Oklahomans. The voters have clearly stated that they do not want to add fuel to the fire when it comes to the current marijuana crisis that exists in our state. SQ 820 would have made the situation worse without solving the problems that persist. Tonight, is a big win for Oklahoma and tomorrow we need to get to work with the legislature to fix the existing problems within our medical marijuana system,” said Chad Warmington, President and CEO of The State Chamber.

About the State Chamber

The State Chamber is the guardian of business in Oklahoma. We work on behalf of our members, the Oklahoma business community, to affect change across all three branches of government to create a pro-growth climate statewide. The State Chamber leverages meaningful partnerships, resources and coalitions to strengthen Oklahoma’s economy and support businesses of all sizes. For more information, please visit

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