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State Chamber of Oklahoma Applauds Transformative Workforce Plans

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 19, 2023) – The State Chamber applauds the transformative workforce initiatives announced this week by elected leaders that will change Oklahoma’s workforce delivery system. The State Chamber of Oklahoma worked with state leaders to lay out a vision for how workforce can work better for Oklahoma, and real change is underway.

Gov. Kevin Stitt announced an executive order that will bring sweeping changes to the way Oklahoma manages workforce. The plan includes the creation of a Workforce Transformation Task Force that will lead to the appointment of a workforce leader who will oversee workforce development.

Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond, has filed Senate Bill 621. It creates the Oklahoma Workforce Commission. The Commission will have the power to coordinate and develop Oklahoma’s workforce systems to incentivize outcomes.

“Finding good people for your business has always been important, but in a post-COVID economy, it’s the number one issue of businesses I’ve talked to, whether they be in Edmond or other parts of Oklahoma,” Pugh said. “Workforce is a natural area of policy to tackle. Developments have been siloed instead of a coordinated statewide effort. My bill will begin that coordination effort.”

Chad Warmington, President and CEO of The State Chamber, will co-chair the Workforce Transformation Task Force along with Secretary of Commerce Chad Mariska.

“I applaud the efforts and leadership of our state’s leaders and their laser focus to help Oklahoma improve our workforce delivery system. Gov. Stitt’s executive order and Sen. Pugh’s bill are the first steps in giving Oklahomans new pathways toward workforce readiness,” said Warmington. “The business community is ready to get to work.”

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