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State Chamber Urges Governor to Sign Education Reform Legislation

March 31, 2021

Two bills to help families choose the right public school for their children and ensure accurate funding have been sent to Gov. Kevin Stitt.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 783, authored by Sen. Adam Pugh and Rep. Brad Boles, on a 68-19 vote Wednesday. In the Senate, House Bill 2078 by Rep. Kyle Hilbert and Sen. Zack Taylor, passed on a 27-19 vote.

“Providing more transparency in the school transfer process and making it easier to appropriately fund schools based on their actual attendance are critical ways to improve public schools in our state,” said Chad Warmington, president and CEO of The State Chamber. “The business community looks forward to Gov. Stitt signing these bills to help students reach their fullest potential, no matter what ZIP code they live in.”

“We thank all the legislators who stood up for Oklahoma’s children and families to move these measures through the legislative process and onto the governor’s desk,” he said.

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