Monitor and analyze all legislation and proposed regulations that impact Oklahoma’s transportation system and make certain that the state’s transportation system infrastructure is capable of moving people and products efficiently.

2024 Policy Positions

  1. Support protecting and expanding passenger rail service as an important transportation option for rural and urban Oklahomans.  
  2. Support taking active steps with partners to pursue the objective of extending passenger rail service to Newton, KS to connect with national passenger rail network. 
  3. Support raising the cap on the Rebuilding Oklahoma Access and Driver Safety (ROADS) Fund, the key funding mechanism for ODOT’s Eight-Year Plan, to combat ongoing inflation and reduced purchasing power for materials, manpower, and maintenance. 
  4. Protect the right of companies and the state to use eminent domain for infrastructure projects.  
  5. Protect the Eight Year Construction Work Plan and ensure ODOT autonomy to determine project needs. 
  6. Support efforts to improve the resiliency of Oklahoma’s water and wastewater systems and promote the use of water reuse projects.  
  7. Support the long-range 15-year Advancing and Connecting Communities and Economies Safely Statewide (ACCESS) Oklahoma Plan to enhance safety, connectivity, access, and economic development across the state’s turnpike system. 
  8. Support the ongoing assessment to address growth of the I-35 corridor between the Red River and Oklahoma River. 
  9. Support the continued effort to convert US Highway 412 into a federal interstate highway.  
  10. Support the creation and allocation of state funding for public financing mechanisms within state agencies to pool infrastructure funding from public/private sources, and offer long-term infrastructure loans to eligible public entities for economic development purposes.  
  11. Oppose a patchwork regulation and legislation of a state-by-state approach on data privacy. 
  12. Support efforts to minimize the impact of regulatory requirements and taxation that increase transportation project costs, stifle productivity and delay delivery of critical infrastructure improvements.  
  13. Oppose public funding being used to build broadband infrastructure where internet service meeting or exceeding the federal definition already exists. Support an accurate map of where broadband is and is not available in Oklahoma. 
  14. Protect the continued implementation and funding of the state’s nationally leading Bridge Improvement Plan to repair or replace Oklahoma’s structurally deficient and functionally obsolete bridges. 
  15. Support growth of Oklahoma’s 5-year CIRB plan and restore funding that is essential for counties to continue to address bridge and highway infrastructure needs. 
  16. Support funding solutions to address two lane roads in need of shoulders to ensure safety.  
  17. Preserve and protect Oklahoma’s airport funding and protect the Airport Capital Improvement Plan and Oklahoma Air Service Development Grant program and revolving fund. Support incentives for airline carriers to offer more direct flights into/out of Oklahoma airports.  
  18. Support the ongoing viability of the FAA Mike Monroney center.  
  19. Support development, testing and implementation of advanced mobility systems in Oklahoma and oppose regulations which place unnecessary burdens on the growth of the industries.  
  20. Ensure an adequately funded Federal Highway Transportation Program and support stable, alternative, and equitable revenue sources for the Federal Highway Trust Fund.  

Staff & Committee Contacts

Dalton Miller
Government Affairs Manager

Committee Chair:
Chase Beasley
Director of Government Affairs
American Airlines

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