State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation LogoThe State Chamber Research Foundation is a research organization working in partnership with state business leaders, economists and university researchers to advance and fund activities in public policy research that promote the future of Oklahoma. The State Chamber of Oklahoma has had an affiliated research foundation since 1981.  Over the last 30 years, the foundation (and its predecessors, Oklahoma 2000 and Oklahoma 21st Century) has been a critical voice for improving Oklahoma’s pro-business climate.

In creating the newer, stronger foundation, we are focusing our research efforts on serving as the driving force behind much of The State Chamber’s political agenda. As such, the foundation works with the membership and staff of the State Chamber in identifying the issues.  The foundation then conducts the research and publishes the results.  This ultimately leads to supporting the positions regarding legislation adopted by the board of directors of the State Chamber.

The foundation will provide four core functions:

  • Publish relevant research, certified by the State Chamber Research Foundation.  There are many research institutions in Oklahoma—but currently each manages their own publishing and marketing of that research.  For research that meets its vision and criteria, the foundation will lead the publishing and marketing of the research through its web site, State Chamber members, and other marketing channels.
  • Broker research needs between the requestor and the provider.  The foundation will enable external entities to request research targeted towards strategic topics for Oklahoma.  The foundation will leverage its relationships with research institutions to conduct and deliver focused and relevant research.  This will ensure that the research supports the needs of businesses, economy-related associations, and Oklahoma’s long-term opportunities.
  • Provide oversight and project management of the research delivery.  To ensure that the research efforts are managed effectively and efficiently—and that the requestor has a solid understanding of its status towards completion—the foundation will establish and communicate a set of project management guidelines and processes.  Market and funding relevant research.  The quality and relevance of the economic research is the foundation’s primary purpose. However, to ensure that the research enhances Oklahoma’s economy, it must be marketed.  This enables external entities to be aware of what research is in development and has been completed.  Additionally, the foundation will assist in the funding research it resolves to be crucial to Oklahoma’s economic strategy.


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